Khadesha Bryant


Khadesha Bryant is the founder of Agape. Formerly, she has worked as a research assistant at the University of Rochester and Weill Cornell Medicine. After several near death experiences she decided to deviate from a career path in medicine.

Cultivating her entrepreneurial desires - drawing on her research background and incorporating her desire to better humankind - she came up with the idea for Agape. She loves technology, uses it in all aspects of her life, and wants to use it to positively influence billions of couples around the world.

Ron Rogge


Ronald Rogge, PhD is a Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Rochester. With more than 50 publications, he has devoted over 20 years of his life to researching relationships and the early years of marriage. One of his most notable achievements is the development of the PAIR program.

PAIR is a program that helps couples to cultivate greater mindfulness in their relationships in a manner that perfectly aligns with the principles of The Agape App. When tested in newlywed couples, the PAIR program cut the divorce rate in half over the early years of marriage. Ron is incorporating the findings from his research into the content and development of Agape. Making sure the Agape is as effective as it is fun.

David Brenner


David’s obsessively focused on using his knowledge to apply and build tech that solves real problems for people. Adherent to customer-first, empathy-driven, agile design principles. Computer engineer and technology builder with an entrepreneurial mindset. Intimately familiar with how computer systems work from low-level silicon transistors, to web and mobile apps.

Fifteen plus years of industry experience including: freelance web app development, verification engineer at AMD, campus ambassador for Sun Microsystems open source software products, platform architecture at Intel, pre-silicon engineer at IBM, and co-founder/CTO of

David knows what it takes to build a successful product from an idea, how to bring that product to market, and how to build a product development team and company around an inspirational vision/mission.